Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Sensory Tub

I got a bunch of packing peanuts in on of the items that I ordered from Amazon.  I decided to make a winter sensory tub for my 2 1/2 year old! 

He had a ball playing with it.  

Here is what I did:
I put my packing peanuts into a large tub.
I also collected some small items that i could bury in the "snow" for him to find. 
(We still had the Christmas tree up so I used ornaments for a few of my items) 
I had him dig in the snow to find all of the items.
It was not long before he was burying his own toys. 
He also brought his bulldozer over to shovel the snow.  
It was the perfect indoor activity for us during the cold!  It is a little messy when he gets crazy with the snow, but totally worth it!


Karly said...

I love this idea!! I am totally going to do this! I think even my older kids will enjoy it.

Sarah@sweetpeaandjojo.blogspot.com said...

FUn!! I just linked over from Fireflies and Jellybeans! Great idea for a new blog. I'd love to guest post with a kid's craft some time. I have quite a few "pintsized projects" on my blog!


I look forward to reading more!


Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

I a gwamma of a 4 year old ... and I'm gonna love your blog. I also have some great ideas to share! I have just one daughter ... and one time we spent an entire snow day makinga winter scene on the dining room table. You'd be amazed what we found in the house to add ... and what we used to make snowmen ... painted jars, plastic bottles, etc. Coffee cream bottles are peerfect! Then we made a dinner of all white food! I didn't take a single picture. That was 30 years ago ... and we didn't constantly snap photos like we do today!