Friday, January 21, 2011

Organic or Not to Organic? That is the question.

Welcome to Food Fridays! This is where all the food sharing and discussion begins. So much of our mothering has to do with food. What to buy? What to cook? What to feed and when?


So, lets get started with a hot topic: Organic or Non-Organic?

The movie that started it all for us was Food Inc. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it. I had had conversations with friends that were starting to eat organic, but it seemed so extreme. I had two young children that kept me at the end of my sanity rope, and I felt overwhelmed with everything else already on my plate. I was doing a good job of making sure they tried lots of new foods, had balanced meals and ate their veggies. We also had our son on a gluten-free diet already. So, now on top of all of that I had to start worrying about where the food came from, how it is treated chemically and what that does to us in the long run?! I avoided the topic for a while. But then I watched the movie.


The movie showed me all of the reasons that I no longer could ignore what we ate. My ignorance was not bliss. So what now? Where to start? How to afford it? And what the heck was the "dirty dozen"?

Every Friday, I will be posting a new topic or piece of information in relation to these topics. I know that many of them are hot topics for discussion, and I hope that we will receive lots of opinions and comments. I am new to the world of organics and its overwhelming entourage of information. So, this will be a journey for me also. I'm looking forward to it!



Hope said...

The EWG has a list at this url
It has fruits and veggies in order of best to worst.

Jackie said...

Oh man, I am still being ignorant on this one!! Although we did switch to organic milk after my mom's oncologist recommended it when she had breast cancer. So, so many things we have to worry about!

Ashleigh said...

I try to go organic as much as I can. Food is just not what it used to be, too much crap in it! But I try not to stress *too* much over it or I'll drive myself (and my family) crazy! Looking forward to the posts on this topic!

Bryssy said...

I try to buy organic when I can afford to. I am especially careful with canned tomatoes (and any commercially canned items) because of BPA and phylates. We no longer use moisturizing lotions because they are unregulated.

The clean 15 are fruits and veggies that we purchase most often. I switched to organic milk before I got pregnant with my oldest child and still use it. It is the only milk (and dairy products) that I let my kids eat. It's scary what is in our food that is supposedly "safe."