Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toddler Tuesday: Fun with Cups!

We like to have fun around here... and if it can be done on the cheap - even better! : )

Here are some fun things that we do with a stack of plastic cups:

1. Building cup towers and knocking them down
Seriously, this never gets old for my 3 year old!

2. Stacking and unstacking... so simple... but he loves it. 
 I add in counting sometimes to make it more educational. 

3. Building bridges with boxes from our pantry. 
He likes to drive his cars under them  and on top of them!

4. Cup bowling! 
I stack 2 cups on top of each other to make the pins and we roll the ball at them.  

Even the baby loves to play with cups!   

1 comment:

jeannine said...

omg, I LOVE those ideas! I am so not creative about things like that.