Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dirty Dozen vs. The Clean 15

Buying organic and balancing the budget are two things that do not live in harmony at our house. I want to do what is best for my family and feed them food that is good for them, but we also need to pay bills. I am sure that this is a scenario that is not unlike yours. How do you find the balance?

There is a large variety of pesticides and chemicals that are used to grow our food in the non-organic realm. The information that is helpful is to know what foods are worse than others. If you have to pick and choose what to buy organic, than you might as well buy organic on the ones that count.

This is where The Dirty Dozen come in. The Dirty Dozen is a list compiled by the Environmental Working Group on what foods have the highest concentration of pesticides, additives and hormones. The EWG continually updates this list. It is said that if you eat the fruits and veggies that are considered to be one of the dirty dozen, you will ingest on average of 10 pesticides per day.

The other side to this information, is what foods non-organic are "not so bad." This is The Clean 15. They have the lowest level of pesticides, additives and hormones. Many of these foods have a thick skin, or peel that is not eaten and protects the food from absorbing the contaminates.

We know that organic is most likely the best and healthiest option for our families, but not always possible due to the price of food today. So when you are at the grocery store bring with you the Dirty Dozen list and the Clean 15 list like I do. It will help relieve your stress or guilt about some of the foods you may have to pick to balance the budget.

What other guides have you found helpful?

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Karly said...

I did not even know about these lists. This is very helpful information! Thanks for sharing this.

I get overwhelmed with organic vs. non-organic. So I usually just buy whatever is on sale. These lists will be helpful!

Jake said...
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Sherrie said...

I suppose that this post also helps with the snack post from Wed! :)

Ola said...

I would be careful about all the tropical fruits, even if they´re organic. Usually you´re not supposed to eat what doesn´t grow in your natural environment because your body isn´t used to it. You can get vitamin C from sauerkraut for example.

Melia said...

Thanks for sharing! I will be sure to take these lists with me from now on!