Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toddler fun with Glow Sticks!

Welcome to Toddler Tuesday!  A place where I share some ideas to do with your toddler!

Now that it is getting darker earlier (here in the Midwest) we have been having some fun with glow sticks.  I found mine at Micheal's Dollar section.  I was able to get 15 glow bracelets for $1.
It has been great to have something fun to do during that last hour before bed time that is known in our family as the "witching hour" 

Here are some of the fun things we have done:

Play follow the leader.
We walk around the  house in the dark with our glow sticks and have everyone copy what the leader is doing.  
We take turns being the leader.  
Here are some things that we did:
Walk with our sticks up the the sky.
walk while twirling the sticks in a circle. 
Walk with the sticks on our heads
... you get the idea! 

Play a version of Simone Says.
My son is too young to understand the real Simone says rules... so we just did  copy mommy. 
Put your glow stick up in the sky
Put your glow stick down to the ground.
Spin it fast
Spin it slow
Put it on your head, nose, feet, hand...

Dance Party!
Turn on the tunes and boogie out! 

Race cars:
We used the connectors to make out glow sticks into circles and pretended that they were steering wheels and raced around the house.  I can see this being a hit with the boys. 
Glow stick hide-n-seek:
Hide the glow sticks and have the kid(s) find them!  You can make it easy or hard depending on the age. 
You could also have the kids play hide-n-seek in the dark with the glow sticks on their body.

It seems like so much more fun because we are doing it in the dark!

Tip to help keep the glow sticks glowing:
Put them in the freezer when you are done for the night. It will make them last for a 3-4 nights of fun!

Here are some other fun crafty ideas with glow sticks for older kids:
Glow Stick Butterflies from Little Page Turners

Glow Stick Spiders from Martha


Anonymous said...

I had no idea they could last more than a day. thanks for the tip!

~Kimberly said...

We always bring these along on long roadtrips. Because we all know when it gets dark, and the kids start getting tired... and tired of driving... the glow sticks/bracelets give us at least another hour of happy driving!!! Love the new blog!

Bryssy said...

Glow sticks are so fun! I keep a stash from the dollar store in my car so that when we go to events where they sell them for big $$, I get them out. My kids get glow sticks, too, and I save money!

Also, if you have a black light (I got one at a yard sale last fall) tonic water glows. I have put tonic water in drinks and jello - it's fun to eat glowing stuff!